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The ODRON Team 


Dr. Odeda BENIN-GOREN, R.N C.E.N Ph.D.- CEO, Founding, and Director. 

Odeda is an Emergency Nurse and Senior Consultant for Emergency Preparedness, Assessment, and Coordination in Disasters. Odeda has been involved with Disaster Preparedness Projects all over the world, including establishing and overseeing the operation of the Hospital's Emergency Departments, Trauma and Intensive Care Units, and the training of medical and nursing staff in a variety of clinical settings.

Outside the field of Hospital and Emergency Medicine, Odedais a trained senior government officer in Disaster Preparedness and has been involved with humanitarian and relief activities in the international level as a United Nation Disaster and Assessment Coordinator (UMDAC) under the Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affair (OCHA) - UN 

As a senior adviser for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Odeda cooperating with the WHO and international NGOs (JICA). Odeda is  Academic Coordinator of the International Emergency Preparedness Workshop at the Center for Emergency Response Research (PREPARED) at the Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva, Israel.  

She also served as a board member of the Word Association of Disaster & Emergency Medicine (WADEM) Theses days Odeda is the Chir of the Nursing Special Interest Group (S.I.G) of WADEM.

Odeda's professional experience includes among other capacities, serving as Director of Nursing at the Emergency Department of the Tel Aviv Medical Center (TAMC), Director of Emergency Preparedness (TAMC), and Special Projects Manager at (TAMC), and founder of the training center (TAMC).


Ronen is Chair of the Emergency Department at Mayaney Hayeshua Medical Center, Bnei Brak, Israel. Ronen is a Senior Consultant in Emergency Medicine and specializes in emergency medicine with a unique orthodox community.

Ronen is currently involved with clinical education for nurses & physicians working with minorities that represent unique cultural aspects.


Limor is Vice President for Global Engagement at Ben Gurion University (BGU) Limor is the former Head of the Recanati Department for Emergency Medicine at The Leon and Matilda Recanati School for Community Health Professions in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Limor's research interests are Disaster preparedness, Community Resilience, Injury Epidemiology, Research methods, Disaster & Emergency Medicine, EMS (Emergency Medicine Services), trauma research, coding, and classification, ICD-9-CM.

Prof. Pinchas HALPERN, MD

Pinchas is Board certified in Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Emergency Medicine, and has special competence in Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine.

Pinchas Clinical Experience that includes Working in Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine between 1979-1984, Practicing in Intensive Care and Anesthesiology between 1984-2003, and practicing at the Emergency Department since 2003.

Pinchas' Academic Experience includes being a Senior Lecturer in Anesthesiology, Intensive Care, and Emergency Medicine at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University;

Pinchas is extremely active academically, has numerous publications, and memberships in Professional Societies.

Dr. Amiram LEV, MD

Amiram (Ami) has been the head of General & Pediatric Intensive Care Units at the Ha-Emek Medical Center, Israel, for more than 24 years.

Ami is a specialist in internal, pulmonary, and intensive care medicine.

Ami studied medicine in Israel & the US and served as a field medical officer in the IDF special units for four years and have extensive experience in patients transporting even very complex patients.

Ami involves and the Israeli Defense Forces Medical Corp with many medical relief operations due to disasters. 



Ram is an Advocate, Bachelor's Degree in Law, L.L.B, from the University of Essex, England. As from October 2015, EMPH, Executive Master of Public Health, specialty in Emergency & Disaster Management, Tel Aviv University, School of Public Health, Medical Department. MCIL, Master Coach Israel.

Ram is the CEO of Shoonra - Thinking & Management Skills. He develops Strategic & tactical skills for organizational management. Ram specializes in designing thinking and behavioral skills. He works with medical & para-medical organizations in routine & in cases of crisis, emergency & disaster.



Yechiel (Kuper) is executive with senior management experience, specializing in areas of emergency management, project management & protective construction. Honors Graduate in Middle East Studies and Public Administration. Completed service Home Front Command, in the rank of Colonel. Kuper is a senior consultant to the National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) and Chairman of the ISO mirror comity for ISO/TC 223 Societal Security. He is a lecturer at Haifa University, in the Emergency & Disaster Program and UNDAC team member. Kuper served in the Israel IDF as the Head of Physical Protection Department and Head of Doctrine and Development Department HFC, (Rank: Colonel)  Kuper is certified as an HFC search and rescue team and took part in some of the Israeli rescue delegations. 


Mr. Aviram (Avi) HIRSCH 

Avi brings over 10 years of medical management and Entrepreneurship with vast international experience in various projects in the Emergency Medicine field. Avi was chief of medical affairs at the biggest telemedicine and emergency medicine firm in Israel. Avi is a faculty member in the department of emergency medicine at Ben-Gurion University and as serves as a senior lecturer in five medical centers. Avi involves in various Bio-Tech and Medical devices business.


Dr. Przemysław (Przemek) GULA, MD, PhD  

Przemek is an Orthopedic Surgeon Specialized in Trauma, Disaster Medicine, and crisis management. Przemek works as a senior Dr. in the military institute of medical in Warsaw, Poland.


Mr. Efraim (Efi) ROZENBERG 

Efi Is an organizer and teaches sales, service, and management. Efi is a high energy professional adviser with MBA and uses consultant & business coach expert in customer service, customer preservation, and telemarketing, with over 20 years of success delivering increased sales and customer retention, enhanced customer service, the achievement of profitability objectives for high volume inbound/outbound customer service call center operations in Israel.


Miss. Evelyn COHEN 

Evelyn is a licensed rescuer and firefighter by Asombomb, Guatemala. Evelyn serves as a volunteer a member of an emergency brigade in Guatemala.

Evelyn is a board member of JICohen Company in Guatemalan with a history of over 50 years dedicated to the distribution of pharmaceutical and high-quality agricultural products. It has operations in pharmacy channels, hospitals, supermarkets, convenience stores, and institutions of the state, ensuring coverage throughout the republic. The company partners, represented by Pharmaceutical Research Companies guarantee the quality and safety of products distributed in the Guatemalan market. A JICohen agency continually invests in its human resources and technology in order to provide fast & efficient service to its customers and suppliers.

Dr. Albrecht BECK, PhD

Albrecht has long-standing experience in leading positions in international disaster management. He is a United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) Team member (thirteen international missions) and has held the position as Global Mass Evacuation Coordinator at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) until recently. Prior to this post, he was active as a Disaster Preparedness Expert for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA). Albrecht is an expert in the field of Mass Evacuations, Community Preparedness and Disaster Risk Management in general. In addition. Albrecht focuses on disaster risk diplomacy where he has gathered extensive knowledge and experience, for instance as the founder and project manager of the Jordan-Israel-Palestine Preparedness Project.

Albrecht is holding a professorship at the University of Murcia, Spain, and is a guest lecturer at the United Nations University.


Adi is an Advocate, Bachelor's Degree in Law, L.L.B, and  Master's Degree from Tel Aviv University.

Adi specialized in Human Rights and Public Law. Adi is the former head of the Legal Department of the Association for the Rights of the Individual. Adi serves as Faculty Member of Medical and Law Faculties at Tel Aviv University and the Netanya Academic College, the Faculty of Law at the Academic Center of Law and  Business. Adi serves as the head of the Risk Management Unit of student health services and member of the board of the Israel Association for Palliative Care, Academic Director of the project "Leadership" in the unit's Youth Activities Tel Aviv University & served as a member of the "Germann Committee" in the Israeli MOH.​

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