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 Training Policy Makers and Key Players in Emergency Management

Training leaders in Emergency Management is imperative in order to promote the ability to act in Mass Event and Disaster, as well as to create a core of trainers in the area of emergency.

Our international experience in managing all facets of Emergency and Disaster situations (Both natural and man made) on the International, national, local and corporate levels is at the foundation of the training programs, that we offer for key players in emergencies.

We offer an in-depth, tailor made workshops of the highest level that involves instructors and trainers who are each at the top of their fields internationally.

  • The programs are designed to enhance knowledge and develop new points of view for high-level managers directly involved with Emergency Preparedness and Management, as well as for Decision Makers who have operational jurisdiction.

  • The programs features methodologies used in the field by Emergency managers, and focuses on rehearsing response principles, as well as tactical, strategic and operational level decision making in emergencies. 

  • The workshops and includes lectures, simulations and tabletop drills that provides the most efficient toolbox for handling Just in Time (JIT) emergencies, i.e. imminent threats, and Just in Case (JIC) emergencies, i.e. possible threats.                                  

Most importantly, our programs promotes coordination and cooperation among the organizations involved with emergency preparedness and management, which strengthen essential bonds among all of the organizations involved with emergency management, and establishes efficiency and cooperation during a real-world mass event and/ or a disaster. 

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