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Emergency and Disaster Preparedness requires cooperation among all agencies involved with Disaster Response. ODRON's unique services collaborate and consulting for agencies' in Emergencies and  Disasters.


ODRON's consulting projects enhance Disaster, Mass Casualty Incident (MCI), Crisis preparedness, and management. 

We believe that by doing the right thing at the right time, identifying the needs for preparedness of a specific agency, consider the variable threats, then, recruiting leaders from the agency to be part of the program and to lead future development. Our consulting focuses on the strategy, tactical and operational level & decision making, during MCI and Disaster.                                      


We provide Need Assessment to different agencies, such as Ministries of Interior (MOI), Municipalities, Fire Fighters (FF), Police Forces (PF), Home Land Security (HLS), Army Forces (AF) Ministry of Health (MOH), Red Cross, Emergency Medicine Services (EMS), Hospitals, NGOs, and in operational & clinical levels.

We develop tailor-made programs to enhance the knowledge and skill of all agencies involved with the disaster response, based on the needs assessment, with the Key floor personnel and the Policy Makers from the agencies.



                                                        Some of ODRON's projects 












































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